Colder Weather

Brrrr—it’s getting cold!  It’s snowing as I write this, so we can say wintertime is officially here in the Northland. I hope you and yours are staying warm and safe this holiday season.
Our usual traditions have changed this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to humbug the whole season. Like I mentioned last month, Bentleyville’s Tour of Lights has changed this year to be a drive-through.  Make sure to get in line early and don’t forget to bring a non-perishable food donation!
If that’s not enough lights for you, Fairlawn is offering limited tours of the mansion so you can enjoy it’s Christmas decorations.
For even more lights, you can check out the Duluth Superior Christmas Lighting Challenge map to see how folks in the area have decorated their homes.

November in the Northland

It’s a beautiful November week in the Northland! As we head into the holiday season here at the Inn, we’re getting ready for the cold and snow. This will most likely be the last of the warm weather for a while.

Bentleyville’s Tour of Lights is always incredibly popular here in the Northland. This year is going to be different, however – they’re doing it drive-thru style! I’ve been taking little peaks of their setup every time I pass by the area and they have put a lot of work into making it safe for everyone to enjoy in this unusual year.

I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy as we get ready to enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Enjoy the Colors

My favorite time of the year is here! The leaves are changing color, ghosts and skeletons are appearing in lawns, and roadside sellers have pumpkins by the truckload. I love to sit and read with a cup of hot apple cider and a cinnamon stick.

A lot of folks have been coming to the Twin Ports on the weekends to enjoy the fall colors while they last. You can really get a great view if you head up Highway 61 and spend a day exploring Gooseberry Falls State Park or Split Rock Lighthouse.

That chill in the air tells us one thing though, and that’s the snow is coming. So, make sure to go out and enjoy the colors of the Northland while you still can.

Come See the Ships

Gosh, what a strange summer it’s been.  I hope you and yours have been keeping safe and healthy. We’ve been very busy at the Inn. It’s not quite time to dig out your fall wardrobe just yet, I’ve got a feeling we have a few more nice warm days ahead of us. My family and I have been spending our time out on the water, taking our small fishing boat out in the St. Louis River and trolling or just enjoying the scenery.

Speaking of, it’s not too late to see the big ships come in and out of the Harbor as they start to get ready for the later (and colder!) part of the year. You can check the schedule on the Lake Superior Marine Museum’s website before you head to Canal Park to find out the best time to see them. We have a lot of folks who work on those ships stay with us when they’re on land and they’ve always got great stories to share!

On the Shores of Lake Superior

We’ve been keeping busy at the Inn with all the folks coming to enjoy the summer outdoors. Many enjoy making the drive part of their vacation and there’s plenty of scenic drives in the area to enjoy.

August is a great time of year to spend some time traveling around Lake Superior. Some folks even take the time to drive the full 1,300-mile route around the entire lake on the Lake Superior Circle Tour. This summer you could only do one side of the border, but I’m sure that’s still a sight to see. Or, if you just want to do a short trip, you can always travel the North Shore Scenic Drive.

If walking is more your style, you can always enjoy the view on the Lake Walk.

A Social Distanced Summer

So far, the summer seems to be shaping up pretty nice, even with a slow start. I’ve been spending the evenings enjoying my backyard, watching the sun go down and listening to the neighborhood.

Our pool at the Inn is open now, though we’re keeping access limited to make sure everyone, staff and guests alike, can stay safe and healthy.

There are still lots of activities going on around here that folks can enjoy while maintaining social distancing like hiking on Hawk Ridge, biking through Mont du Lac, or fishing on the Brule!

Summer Weather

It’s been an unusual few months for everyone and I hope you and yours are doing well.

We’ve been keeping busy here at the Superior Inn. We just had our sauna refinished and it looks great. We also had the trees that were unfortunately damaged during the big winter storm last year removed.

The summer weather has rolled in and I’ve been getting a lot of outdoor projects done. Hopefully, this wonderful weather keeps up and we’ll have a great summer while still keeping safe and healthy!

Winter Heatwave

Whew, what a heatwave! Here in the Twin Ports, we’ve been having days around 40ºF, which have been absolutely wonderful. While I don’t trust the spring-like weather not to get cold again just yet, that doesn’t stop me from getting to work on the usual spring projects. At the Inn, we’re going to be doing some painting both indoors and out once the snow melts (which might not be until April—knowing how things go around here).

The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra is a long-standing love of mine and they are celebrating the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven all month long and taking his music on tour! You can check them out at pubs and breweries all around the area or see the concert at the DECC Symphony Hall on March 21st.

Winter Fun Indoors

We’ve officially made it a full month into 2020, and with all these snowstorms I feel like I’m living out Groundhog Day every time I have to clear my driveway. And to think, we get an extra day of February this year!

It doesn’t take long to get sick of the wintry weather (if you’re not sick of it already!) and you start trying to think of things to do indoors. There’s always Vertical Endeavors for some rock climbing or Planet3 trampoline park for active folks.

Escape rooms have gotten very popular, and as it happens the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center is hosting a weekend full of them called Escape the Bong! With multiple historic themed rooms, it’s sure to be a fun few days.

All Things Winter

The holiday season is winding down, and here at the Superior Inn we’re hunkering down to make it through a cold and snowy January.  This icy cold weather is perfect for the Lake Superior Ice Festival!

This weekend-long event at the end of the month features pretty much everything you can think of for winter-time fun.  There are ice carving and sculptures, ice skating, a snow slide, and tons of winter sports such as hockey, curling, and ice racing.  I’m really excited to see the arts and crafts fair and the Orb 365 art installation, which looks very cool.
My younger cousins really enjoy the cookie decorating and seeing the animals from the Lake Superior Zoo, and of course, you have to have s’mores at the bonfires.
From the live music and performers to the fireworks, there is so much to do, and it’s all hosted right here in Superior!

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