Come See the Ships

Visit Duluth/Superior
Gosh, what a strange summer it’s been.  I hope you and yours have been keeping safe and healthy. We’ve been very busy at the Inn. It’s not quite time to dig out your fall wardrobe just yet, I’ve got a feeling we have a few more nice warm days ahead of us. My family and I have been spending our time out on the water, taking our small fishing boat out in the St. Louis River and trolling or just enjoying the scenery.

Speaking of, it’s not too late to see the big ships come in and out of the Harbor as they start to get ready for the later (and colder!) part of the year. You can check the schedule on the Lake Superior Marine Museum’s website before you head to Canal Park to find out the best time to see them. We have a lot of folks who work on those ships stay with us when they’re on land and they’ve always got great stories to share!

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